Mrs. Meneses


              Mrs. Meneses and Mrs. Merriam       

Dear Families,

                We are the reading team at Paper Mill Elementary School. We provide reading support to students in grades 1-4, on the basis of classroom teacher recommendations and standardized test scores. Students are tested in September and again in January to assess the need for support.

                The intervention programs that we use with students are research based and reinforce phonics, vocabulary, oral reading, fluency, and comprehension. The children are seen in small groups, so that they can receive as much individual support as possible.

                We encourage you to promote reading at home by:

  1. Setting an example, by being a reader yourself. You are your child’s number one role model.
  2. Adopting a nightly reading routine that includes all of the following:

-Reading aloud to your child

-Choral reading with them

-Having them read to you

      3. Always talk about what you have read!


                Remember, the 10 best ways to become a good reader are to:

1.       READ!

2.       READ!

3.       READ!

4.       READ!

5.       READ!

6.       READ!

7.       READ!

8.       READ!

9.       READ!

10.   READ!


                            Your Paper Mill Reading Team