First Grade

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Dear Parents,

        We are looking forward to working with your child in the fall in First Grade!  Over the summer stores will often put some school supplies on sale.  The list below contains many of the supplies we will be using in First Grade.  These are items the whole class uses, not just an individual – so no need to label with names.  If you are out and about over the summer and find any of these on special and can pick some up for the class, we would appreciate it.

Thank you and enjoy the summer.  It's hard to believe your child is in First Grade already!



The First Grade Team

Miss DiSanto, Mrs. McEwan, and Mrs. Roman



Zip lock bags, large and small         
thin dry erase markers
unscented baby wipes                   
dixie cups                                
glue sticks
colored pencils
thin markers                             
2 pocket folders 
(without the center gusset)
crayola crayons (24 count)